Company History

March 2001-----ChengJing Electronics Factory (the predecessor of EJE electronics) was established in Heshuikou, Gongming, Shenzhen.


February 2004-----Shenzhen Eternity Ju Electronics Co., Ltd. was formally established and moved to Xinghua Second Industrial Park, Baotang, Tangwei,Gongming,Shenzhen


January 2006-----Formally introduced wire extrusion and stranding machine to realize the integration of extrusion and processing


July 2007-----Obtained ISO9001:2000 Certification


August 2008-----Introduced EDX1800 RoHS tester to provide customers with more guaranteed green products


March 2010-----Expanded the scale and moved to Liantang Industrial Zone, Shang Village, Gongming,shenzhen


April 2010-----Imported ERP System


September 2010-----Jiangxi branch plant (Anfu EJE Technology) was established, There was 10,000m2  production building, with 500 employees for the first phase.


January 2013 -----Got ISO 14001:2004 certification


December 2014 -----EDX1800 RoHS tester upgraded to halogen test. Imported 10 automatic cable tie machine. 


January 2015 - Increased extrusion and production equipment, and production capacity was further expanded to 500K/day. 


January 2015-----Jiangxi branch received ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certification.


2015-----Bought special cable test equipment such as color difference analyzer, high and low temperature test box, and 8601A etc. special cable test equipment.


2016 -----Obtained state-level high-tech enterprise certification.


March 2017-----the second phase plant of Jiangxi Branch (Anfu EJE Technology) was started to build, the production area will be expanded to 12000m2, providing 800 jobs.